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IT Services

What We Do

From network implementations to website design and development, our partners and in-house team aim to offer a full ICT support service no matter what our client’s requirements are. Our clients can be confident that they need only have one point of contact - we look after the rest.

Full-Service Outsourcing

Our core business is providing the technical expertise and support required to make our client’s technology work. Our firm is a full-service outsourcing company (FSO) that can take client projects from cradle to grave and do so affordably.

What's an FSO?

An FSO is an IT "general contractor" that can put together the combination of internal and external resources necessary to create a finished IT solution, maintain it and provide any necessary ongoing user support.

We provide comprehensive information and communications technology support and consultancy service including:

Support Services

  • Network Server Installations & Support
  • Network Administration & Support
  • Onsite & Remote Technical Assistance
  • Hardware & Software Sales
  • Website Design
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Wireless Networks
  • Database & Software Design
  • Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Planning
  • Redundancy and Continuity of Service Planning

Network Management

Reliance’s reputation is built upon offering a level of outsourced IT management and support to our clients that is without peer - it is one of the fundamental reasons for our success. We work to ensure our clients are able to focus on their core business, because when they prosper so do we.

  • Comprehensive Management- Reliance can provide clients with a fixed fee support contract where we manage all aspects of your network. A key feature of this is preventative maintenance - it is in our mutual interest to ensure your network continues to run smoothly.
  • Selective Outsourcing- You may wish to offload one area of work from your in-house IT team, or you may not have the technical skills or resources to support an application or platform. Reliance can take ownership of these areas for you, provide appropriately skilled engineers both onsite and remotely, we're always 'on call'.
  • Adhoc Support- Adhoc support is charged per incident under Fee-For-Service arrangement. You may find a sudden increase in workload, or have a problem that you can't solve, perhaps you'd simply prefer not to enter into a fixed service contract for whatever reason - we're available to help on a per-issue/pay-as-you-go basis, anytime during normal business hours even after dark should the need arise.

Support Agreements

Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives clients peace of mind - should anything go bump in the night - experts are taking care of things. Reliance offer two types of network management and support agreements to reassure client's their IT systems are being taken care of - and remain operational;

  • Retained Managed Service - A minimum monthly fee allowing us to manage your network and support users at a significant discount
  • Comprehensive Managed Service - A significantly discounted flat monthly fee allowing us to look after everything, manage your network, support your users and return your energies to your core business


Reliance can enhance your organisation’s IT functionality in many ways - from help in planning for a single project, to providing you with direction and guidance by aiding in your overall strategy for technology integration through strategic planning.

  • Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Planning - Keeping critical information protected, backed up and available is part of how an organisation can safeguard against disaster. From onsite and remote backup to implementing procedures for a speedy recovery Reliance has seen it, prepared for it and recovered from it, and we can assist in hardening your organisation should the unfortunate occur.
  • Redundancy and Continuity of Service Planning - Should the unfortunate occur how much downtime can your organisation afford? Reliance can help assess your tolerance to downtime; plan and implement measures to keep your system up and available should a failure occur.

Support Strengths

Some project types that Reliance can assist or ultimately manage for you include:

  • Server Consolidation / Virtualisation
  • Implementation of new applications or IT systems
  • Remote server management and monitoring
  • Operating system, domain and application upgrades
  • Hardware replacement, systems life cycle management
  • Network storage solutions
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Network and system management
  • Cloud Migrations and Implementations
  • Cloud Security and Consultancy

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