Monthly Web Roundup - May 2017

Posted by: James Hall

The May edition of the Reliance Web Newsletter.

Following on from last month we take a look at the Sensis Social Media Report with some must-know stats from a business perspective. We also take a look at a practical guide on ways to optimize your images, ready to be served on the web. And finally, we take a look at a current web trend of 2017: Microinteractions.

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The 20 must-know stats from the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report
The Sensis Social Media report is an annual survey of 800 consumers, 1,000 SMBs and 100 large businesses on how they use social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Click below to see a graphical overview of their findings or you can also read their indepth report.

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Optimizing Images for Web: A Practical Guide
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is one of the reasons images are so important in ecommerce. Without the customer being able to pick up, touch and inspect a product, they rely heavily on the images to understand the color, the quality, and the story of the product.

So it goes without saying that your images need to be hi-resolution and crisp. But, this comes at a price. Large, high definition images can have huge file sizes. Put a few of these on your site and that snappy experience of navigating your online store can end up feeling more like swimming through molasses.

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Web Design Trends 2017: Microinteractions
Microinteractions are the subtle, but powerful ways to interact with a website. They are often found in hovers, click animations, scrolling effects, etc. While we’ve always had these types of design elements, designers are spending more time on them, making them more informative and more refined.

Probably the most used integration is the hover/rollover, where a visitor can simply move their cursor over parts of the site to see these microinteractions and interact with the site in that way.

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