Monthly Web Roundup - March 2017

Posted by: James Hall

The March edition of the Reliance Web Newsletter.

This month we see lots of changes to social media. Starting with Facebook, they have launched an interactive manual to break down their security settings to make it easier for all to understand. We also see Twitter has opened up room to include more content into their 140 character limited platform. And finally, we take a look at an upcoming web trend of 2017: Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns.

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Facebook Makes its Privacy Settings Easier to Grasp With “Privacy Basics”
Ensuring that your Facebook account is only accessible to people you know can be an overwhelming experience as the social network service has a privacy setting menu that is rather extensive.

In an attempt to make these crucial security settings more accessible to everyone, Facebook has launched a new "Privacy Basics" page that breaks down all parts of Facebook’s privacy settings into bite-sized chunks.

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Twitter's new, longer tweets have arrived
Tweets are holding steady at 140 characters, but a variety of additions to your tweets will no longer count against that limit. As The Verge reported Twitter said it was rolling out expanded tweets around the world. Media attachments including images, GIFs, videos, and polls will no longer count against the 140-character limit. Neither will quote tweets, though if include a link to another tweet in your own that will count as normal.

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Web Design Trends 2017: Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns
It seems as though the use of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns have really taken off in the late part of 2016, and I anticipate this continuing through 2017. There are various ways in which geometric shapes have made their way into websites. Be it the use of circles around images, photos that are geometric heavy, or the overall design of the site relies heavily on the use of lines and patterns.

There is nearly infinite amount of ways in which you an integrate geometric shapes, lines, and patterns into your website, and this could be one way in which designers take fat design to a new level (and even add some personality, as mentioned above). Overall, expect to see these types of design styles more throughout 2017.

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