iPhone 5 Release

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The customary line up, camp out and wait for days to get the latest iPhone offering from Apple, the iPhone 5 played itself out again this month. Reportedly there has never been a device that has been more hyped, more leaked or more anticipated.

Is it truly the next worthy successor in the iPhone family, or is it just marketing hype dressed up in a two-tone case?

With one already in our office and clients starting to take the iPhone 5 on, we took a look into what the experts had to say and reviewed the units for ourselves.

Apple iPhone 5

Most notable Pros: increased screen size, faster processing, lighter weight and slimmer design

Most notable Cons: The headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the phone, and an upgrade from the old 30-pin charger means all your old docks and cables will require a converter to make them compatible - this one we don't think is real cool on Apple's part.

Not sure if this is enough to return the iPhone to top dog status with Android offerings topping the market share of late.

For an in depth product review, check out IGN - iPhone 5 Review or Tech Radar - iPhone 5 Review

The Reliance Technology Team

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